Monday, January 14, 2013

Creating Crochet Heart Patterns

There's a lot of Heart crochet patterns online that I tried.  As many of you know the HEART is my favorite shape.  I've been crocheting hearts lately but was looking for a bit of a variety.  Since I'm far from being able to create my own pattern I decided to use a grid method that's typically used for knitting and crochet.  So I went to my handy dandy excel sheet and created a few hearts using the grid.  I then crochet one stitch of choice for each box on the grid.  I tried it and it worked! :) I've seen people and tutorials out there that start the upper half of the heart by doing the 2 semi circles and then attaching to it the bottom of the heart which is the triangle.  To me that was just too much attachments so to speak so I decided to crochet the heart from the bottom up and work the first semi circle then the second semi circle by attaching a new piece of yarn.  I've also Crocheted a heart using the grid sideways and it turned out great and looked like a knit since the lines where going up and down.  Crocheting from one side to the other meant that I only need to use on piece of yarn throughout the pattern which I liked.  Now the possibilities are limitless since I can crochet many different patterns using this method. Doves perhaps? Let's see what I come up with!

I'll be photographing my hearts soon but for now here's a screen shot of my excel spreadsheet.

I actually have graph paper on hand too so I can doodle until I come up with something that's created all by myself! :) That makes me happy!

Do you use this method? Let me know if this was helpful and please share your thoughts.



  1. it;s a great method ..many shapes can be done so easily
    nice work may

    1. Thank you Remaz! Yeah I'm looking forward to trying new shapes and finishing up my hearts :)