About Mayuya

Daughter - Sister - Wife - Mother - Friend - Photographer - Blogger - Decorator - Furniture Refinisher - Mermaid - Muslim - Woman - Me

Hello my name is May and my nickname is Mayuya.  I'm a wife to an amazing and caring husband and a mother to two beautiful girls that are 16 months apart.  I'm an MBA and also used to teach Math/Algebra but after getting pregnant the first time around I decided to take a break from working in late 2009.  Staying at home has allowed me to pursue my hobbies and to be able to focus on things that I enjoy.

I love photography, decorating, DIY projects, furniture re-purposing, crafting, and reading other awesome blogs!
This blog is kind of like a journal to just document some of  the random things that make up this journey I call life.
                                      Thanks for stopping by!

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