Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crochet Slippers

I've been looking for a crochet pattern for some cute slippers to make for my little monsterette.  I came across a lot of patterns and finally decided on one that I thought to be the easiest.  I found it at
and after downloading the FREE pdf file I decided to crochet the children's slippers in a Medium which equates to about a size 9.  I found this pattern to be super easy.  I didn't crochet 4 soles like the pattern and instead decided that two would be enough since little Monsterette will be wearing them at home.  I also added the little white single crochet on top for a bit of a girly touch. I crocheted them at night and when she woke up I told her to go see what's on the table and she was jumping up and down and dancing and sliding on our wood floors.  Ahhh the things that make me happy :)

They are a little loose though so I'm thinking to crochet more single crochets to create a little of a cuff or a mini boot.  Here they are for now!

The little slippers are of course for little little monsterette but they are not finished yet! I'm also working on a full size blanket in this orange and it's only about a foot and half wide.  It's going to take me a while to finish such a large project but hey next winter is a year away right? :)

That's all for now! How do you like? would love to hear what you have to say :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Creating Crochet Heart Patterns

There's a lot of Heart crochet patterns online that I tried.  As many of you know the HEART is my favorite shape.  I've been crocheting hearts lately but was looking for a bit of a variety.  Since I'm far from being able to create my own pattern I decided to use a grid method that's typically used for knitting and crochet.  So I went to my handy dandy excel sheet and created a few hearts using the grid.  I then crochet one stitch of choice for each box on the grid.  I tried it and it worked! :) I've seen people and tutorials out there that start the upper half of the heart by doing the 2 semi circles and then attaching to it the bottom of the heart which is the triangle.  To me that was just too much attachments so to speak so I decided to crochet the heart from the bottom up and work the first semi circle then the second semi circle by attaching a new piece of yarn.  I've also Crocheted a heart using the grid sideways and it turned out great and looked like a knit since the lines where going up and down.  Crocheting from one side to the other meant that I only need to use on piece of yarn throughout the pattern which I liked.  Now the possibilities are limitless since I can crochet many different patterns using this method. Doves perhaps? Let's see what I come up with!

I'll be photographing my hearts soon but for now here's a screen shot of my excel spreadsheet.

I actually have graph paper on hand too so I can doodle until I come up with something that's created all by myself! :) That makes me happy!

Do you use this method? Let me know if this was helpful and please share your thoughts.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Heart Wreath

There's something about having a wreath on your front door that always made me feel like it makes a house feel like a home.  Months back I was on a hunt for a heart shaped wreath when I finally found the perfect size hearts at Michaels.  I snatched them up and was so excited to get home.  I already had the silk flowers from ACMoore from the year before and with some ribbon I went ahead and started to attach my flowers to the hearts.  I then attached the hearts to one another and I love how they look when I drive up to the house.  Dont' mind the shiny paint on the door.  That's on my "to tackle" list but slowly and surely right? Here's what it looks like! I heart it! Literally!

How do you like it?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Neighbor's Gift

Last Friday we all went to Jersey to spend time with my family until new years.  We had a lot of fun! I enjoyed reconnecting with each of my sisters, the girls where of course being spoiled by everyone and we all just had a great time and mom's great food too! yesterday we decided to leave and get on the road before all the traffic started.  The trip back to VA wasn't bad at all as was the trip going to Jersey.  It took us about three and half hours to get home and it was such a relief because my little little monsterette was crying most of the trip and I was on the verge of having a break down.  Breath breath it was only new years day... As I got out the car and approached the front door I found a gift bag on the front steps.  Hubby picked it up and took it inside and with it was a card.  It was from our next door neighbors wishing us a happy new year. I thought it was so sweet of them and it was really nice to have something at the door when you least expect it.  The bag included the card, a pack of chocolates, and a bottle of sparkling cider.  I thought that this was such a thoughtful gift.  It's simple you may think but actually a lot of thought went into this gift.  I know that because as Muslims we don't drink any alcohol and also eat no pork. Believe me we had pork given to us by people that should have known better, and we've been offered alcohol on many occasions as well.  So having an alcohol-free bottle of cider at my door says to me "we know you" "we thought about what to give you" and to me that's the best gift ever.  Thank you dear neighbor for being a neighbor with all that that word means and implies. Happy New Year!