Tuesday, December 18, 2012

German China Planter

There's nothing like a great thrift store purchase! A couple of weeks ago while I was still recovering from pneumonia (yucks!) I figured I'd go to the thrift store for a change of scenery :)  Well I got quite a few things that day like a lot of china items.  I found this German china planter and instantly fell in love with it and it was in perfect condition.

Then it just sat there waiting to be loved for another week until I stopped by the Trader Joe's and unintentionally found this awesome miniature holiday tree.  I'm still not sure about the name of it but some research should give me an idea as to what this tree is.  Anyway I've been looking for a tiny one and just happened to spot it on my way out so I grabbed it and was so excited to be on my way home.

A little potting soil later here's what I ended up with.  I totally love it!

What do you think? Do you like "thrifting" as well? What are some of the items you've "thrifted" lately?


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