Thursday, October 4, 2012

Side Tables

About four months ago I found a pair of side tables at a thrift shop.  They were in excellent condition and were solid wood with some really nice detail.  I bought them to paint them and use them as night stands in my daughters' rooms since they match.  I never got to do anything with them until yesterday where I decided to use them in the living room as side tables.  Hope you enjoy this makeover as much as I did.
Here is the table (they are both identical) before:
And here it is from the inside:
Take note of the discoloration....
I already knew that I wanted to paint the interior because of how ugly it looked but I didn't really care for a particular color.  So I dug around my paint cans and found this bright yellow.  It was like a dollar because it was oops paint from the Home Depot.  Here's the shelf looking so fresh and so clean clean.

Here's the inside also looking so fresh and so clean clean :)

 I had a color in mind for the exterior and when I was at the Home Depot looking for oops paint that I like, I actually found a color close enough to what I wanted.  I wish it was a little more blue but it was more green and I still liked it.
I mixed my own chalk paint at home using a recipe I found online somewhere and jotted it down.  See when I painted my beautiful desk I actually used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and loved it but it was so darn expensive.
So here's what I mixed:
  • 1 Part Plaster of Paris (from A.C. Moore with my 40% off coupon)
  • 1 Part water (mix very well until smooth)
  • 3 Parts Paint (I used eggshell)
I loved it and it did feel like chalk paint and dried to that chalky like feel.  I was so happy to get the same result for so so so much less.

Here's the side of my to be beauty:

Now after I painted it I got some stain that I had and rubbed just a little bit all over my table.  It's going to look soooo dark so then I got my clear wax and with a white t-shirt wiped the dark stain off using the clear wax.  What do you think?

Here's of picture of the two tables, one waxed and the other just painted (yes I was working on top of my kitchen table, so nice to have your project up in front of you).

Then after the body was all done I went ahead and stained the top. Amazing how this time around I already have all my supplies :)

I went to sleep to let everything set till the morning and here's what the kitchen looked like this morning: ( I just love my farm table that I also "thrifted" when we moved into the house last year)

Now it was time to get the girls dressed and run to Pier1 to get some colorful knobs but first here's a picture of the dovetailed drawer (don't peek):

Here's the inside after a dabbed on some of that green paint (still don't peek):
Ok ok now you can peek! Don't you just love them? They are ceramic and were $4 a piece.  I love how they match the inside.  The bottom two match and the one for the drawer is different.


Now here's my finished table chilling by the sofa (never mind the messy throw basket in the back, the girls love playing with them all day):

I love how this table has really classic and traditional lines but such a playful and whimsical color! What do you think? I love the outcome!
Such a huge difference !

Would love to hear your opinion!
Have a great night!


  1. Those side tables turned out great May! Love the color you chose, and those knobs are cool :)


  2. Thank you Lisha! Thank God it was a one day project! But now that I see them in my living room that's all white and black i'm not sure they fit in...Don't call me crazy but i'm thinking of re-doing them in a creamy white like the'll see I guess...