Friday, August 5, 2011

Dragon Fruit, Miracle Fruit?

Hello People! Hope this post finds you in good health!
Ok so I saw this really cool looking fruit at the supermarket and didn't know what it was of corse.  My husband insisted that we buy one and open it up and try it out.  I hesitated but he insisted saying "you never know where the cure for any ailment is, maybe this is has some healing powers, keep an open mind and lets just try it".  This is typical of my husband and that's what's so cool about him, always willing to try something new.  So we take this strange thing home and I cut the top off as if I actually know what I'm doing and I come to see thousands of black seeds floating in the white.  Kind of looked like a white kiwi.  We tasted it and it was so good and really sweet.  So I go online and do some research about it and come to find out it is a miracle fruit from the cacti family.  It's 80% water and great for diabetics because it's really low in carbs.  Full of vitamin C, great for blood pressure and the benefits just keep on going on.  If it wasn't for my husband I wouldn't be introduced to such an amazing fruit.  So I'm thanking him.  I love the dragon fruit when it's right out of the fridge and super cold.  I told my family about it and am telling you so that for those that don't know it can go and try to try it.  Enjoy!

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