Friday, September 6, 2013

Pre-School Pictures and Routine

This past Tuesday has been very emotional for me as I kiss my first baby goodbye at her classroom door.  Time really flies and it was really bittersweet seeing her all ready for pre-school when just a couple of years ago she was an infant looking in my eyes as I feed her.  My beautiful Safiya is finally in school well pre-school and she's growing more and more independent each day.  This week has been a learning experience for me as I adjust to our new schedule but it's been fun as I enter this next stage of motherhood.  Nothing like a little chitchat as I drive her in the morning and a little chitchat as I pick her up.  We're really connecting on a different level now that she's all grown up and studious :)

The first week of school or the first four days to be accurate I would take a cell phone picture of her outside before we get in the car.  It makes us both smile and she loves posing.  Oh my baby girl isn't a baby anymore!

I also created a little table with our morning routine and our bed-time routine to help me and her stay focused and of corse little sister follows the routine too so hopefully that'll make next year easier for her :)

Hope you find these helpful as much as the girls and I found them helpful.
Goodnight Mamas because I'm really tired after a long day with my girlies.

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