Sunday, July 7, 2013

Praying for Egypt

Wow! I can't believe that it's almost been two months since i've last written a post.  Time flies....
A lot has been going on though and life has been busy busy busy.... 
At the end of May i went to the Lucketts Fair and got to meet Marian from Miss Mustard Seed, She's really awesome and I'll write about it soon, one of these days, hopefully.  I've also been crocheting bunting and sewing pretty pillowcases that will be available for sale soon and I will announce when and where when it's time.  I've been to the beach and to the zoo with the family and have been trying to be out and about with the girls. Just a lot has been going on and I haven't had the chance to share it.  
Lately though I've been following the political chaos that's been going on in Egypt my motherland and it's really sad.  I was humming today while doing housework and the humming turned into words and then I finally came up with this little poem dedicated to my beloved Egypt.

Praying for Egypt praying today
Praying for Egypt praying away
I pray for happiness and no more dismay
Praying for the beloved land far away
I pray for the women and the children at stake
I pray for the men that fight for freedom's sake
I pray for the enemies and Tyrants to fall
I pray for free people to stand proud and tall
I pray for the love that people used to feel
I pray for the unity that autocrats steal
I pray for knowledge and freedom to think
I pray for a media written with honest ink
I pray for justice and equality for all
I pray for God Almighty to answer my call
I pray for land of the Nile and the Red Sea
I pray for the Mediterranean I pray for all three
I pray for the Sahara and for the countryside
I pray for liberty and prosperity to never be denied
I pray for the flag that no more soars the skies
I pray for the tears that are build up in peoples' eyes
I pray for the country that I used to know
I pray for my Egypt to once more start to glow
I pray for my children to one day go back and see
The Egypt that it should be the Egypt that is free


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