Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jars, Bottles, & Anyting Glass

Those who know me know that I hate when edible goods or crafting items come in plastic bags or containers and stay there.  So I'm a big fan of re-purposing food jars and bottles (I don't drink and these bottles had sparkling juices in them).  I love how they look in the kitchen and how they're see through and work as an exhibit for the stuff that's in them.  In this photo is a whole bunch of bottles and jars getting a good soaking.

This is what I do to clean these babies up:

  • Soak in warm soapy water for a couple of hours (or longer if you can).  This will most likely get them clean.
  • If there's stubborn labels and glue then rub with Goo B Gone (I've used it but God knows what's in it so this time I used coconut oil that smells ooohhh so yummy)
  • Scrub with some steel wool or crumbled up foil like I did.
  • Run them in the dishwasher for a good final clean.
  • Fill with yummies or crafty supplies and enjoy.

I had also bought some fresh mint that day to dry up.  I put it in my black tea for an added great taste and aroma.  In the winter I usually wash the mint and strain thoroughly and put on a cotton pillow case on top of a heating vent.  But since I don't have the heat on these days I put the oven on 150 degrees and place the mint in the oven for a couple of hours until almost dry.  You don't want to go any warmer than this to keep the mint from actually cooking and loosing it's nutritious value.  Then leave in the oven for another day until none of the leaves are moist. 

Here's my yummy mint on my vintage aluminum tray! 

Here's some of my bottles and jars in action loaded with (from the left):

Popcorn - Mint (from above) - Oil - Turmeric - Sage

If you look outside the glass on the top right of the photo you'll notice to small planters outside.  One is Thyme and the other is Oregano.  I love adding those two to homemade breads. 
Here's another angle. 
If you're wondering what are these plants in the back in the carton, they are Lavender (which is now planted in a nice looking planter) and Marigold (to add to salads).

That's it for this post:  Now tell me:
Do you repupose glass containers?
What's your favorite things to put in them?

Till next time,

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