Thursday, June 16, 2011

My house's journey on becoming a home

This picture wasn't taken by me ~ It's my house though!
My hubby and I bought our first home less than two months ago and ever since it's been one minnie project after another.  I'm the DIY fan and I'm working on converting my hubby.  The first week we moved in I painted the living room/family room and the dining room.  They took forever because I have wainscoting on the bottom and only a brush would do the job right.  Then my preggo self needed a break so I just started up again this past Monday.  I painted the upper wall in the foyer/enterance, the top crown molding of that area, scrubbed down the dirtiest fireplace on earth (TSP solution is great after an initial scrub with soap and water), and i painted the fireplace exterior.  I'm planning on painting the inside with a heat resistant black paint so that it's usable.  I only intend to place candles in it though.  I will post pictures soon so that you may see what I'm doing to transform my "house into home" just as my husband put it before he kissed me goodnight last night.

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